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What’s a Mother to do?

One of the biggest challenges of early motherhood is the nearly complete loss of personal time.  Added to hormonal swings and sleep deprivation (lucky here) and the “baby blues” are nearly a given. (Don’t worry folks, I don’t have Post … Continue reading

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I wrote the following a year or so ago for my Medical Qigong Practitioner course with Jeff Barnard at North Star Institute in Pacific Grove.  It’s a bit out of date (my all girl bluegrass band “Nipple Creek” has since … Continue reading

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money n stuff

One thought I commonly find myself having is “we don’t make enough money.”  Another is “we have way too much stuff.”  The inherent irony in these two statements struck me the other day as I tried to find places to … Continue reading

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I have to admit- I have a little anxiety about this year, and the Mayan end date of Dec 21 2012.  After all, I just brought another little being into this world, and I’m not ready for it to end … Continue reading

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