I turned 35 this week, and naturally am taking stock of my life. I’m definitely in a good place.  It seems like a lot of things are in alignment. It is the year of the dragon again (my birth year). I don’t know much about astrology (Chinese or otherwise), but this seems cool.  Julia is 3 months old. Done with the “4th trimester”, and its been a year since she was conceived.  Steve and I are very busy taking care of the family, but making time for each other as well.  My career has been mostly on hold for a while- working part time, raising kids, figuring out what to do with the rest of my working life.  I’m planning to go back to school for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in two years or so.  Sometimes it is frustrating that I will be over 40 when I start my “real” career.  At least I’ve found something that I love.  In the mean time, I’d like to start doing Medical Qigong treatments. (I finished getting certified as a Medical Qigong Practitioner right before my pregnancy, and I’m just getting back to it.)


About kathysyear

Happily married mother of 2 young girls. A SAHM for the moment. Medical Qigong Practitioner, mandolin player... Aspiring energetic and spiritual warrior for the planet!
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