Medical Qigong Career

I had the awesome realization that I should focus on Medical Qigong (chi gong) as a career right now.  I’ve been planning to go to school (probably Five Branches) and get a Masters Degree in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I still plan do this, but to lose the pressure of feeling behind (the program is 4 years and $50K, and I couldn’t start for about 2 years- young children to raise, and I’m not shipping them off to daycare).  And then I’d likely have to start my own acupuncture practice, start paying a sizable student loan back… Yikes!  I’m certified as Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) right now, and I’d like to continue with more advanced certifications.  But for now I need to start practicing.  I have the MQP certification and a massage table. Will travel. Start with friends. Focus on continuing my personal cultivation.  Realize I don’t need 5 pHds to get started.  The beauty of this realization is that it creates a shift in my mindset, but not much in my immediate path.  If anything it will make me more prepared for TCM school and getting scholarships.

Since I started this post a few weeks ago, I have had the pleasure of doing a treatment for a good friend.  It was wonderful for me. I got to do qigong, plus it really jump started my learning.  And I think it really benefited her.  So, friends, who is next? I’m offering 1 complementary treatment to get my practice started! After that my rates will be ridiculously affordable.


About kathysyear

Happily married mother of 2 young girls. A SAHM for the moment. Medical Qigong Practitioner, mandolin player... Aspiring energetic and spiritual warrior for the planet!
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