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Sometimes More is More

I recently came across my personal journal from 2009, and I was struck by how similar the themes of my life were then and now.  At that time my older daughter was in her first year (as my younger is … Continue reading

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eczema inspired experimentation

There seems to be some force in the universe pushing me to examine every aspect of my diet. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, my baby girl developed eczema over a large percentage of her body, … Continue reading

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How I came to Primal/Paleo eating

A cornerstone of my quest for vibrant health for the past few years has been examining and experimenting with my food choices.  Yes, I’m dancing around the word “diet”.  I’ve always believed that you only live once, and yes, you … Continue reading

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Back to Bikram

The day before yesterday I went back to Bikram Yoga for the first time since having my second child. It had been about 14 months since my last class. Happily, I felt like I pretty much picked up my practice … Continue reading

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Medical Qigong Career

I had the awesome realization that I should focus on Medical Qigong (chi gong) as a career right now.  I’ve been planning to go to school (probably Five Branches) and get a Masters Degree in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I … Continue reading

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I wrote the following a year or so ago for my Medical Qigong Practitioner course with Jeff Barnard at North Star Institute in Pacific Grove.  It’s a bit out of date (my all girl bluegrass band “Nipple Creek” has since … Continue reading

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