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Happy Vernal Equinox!  Spring officially starts today, although we’ve had some of the first wintery weather around here, with rain, hail and a dip of the mercury.  Equinoxes are a specific moment in time (2 per year) when the center … Continue reading

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Medical Qigong Career

I had the awesome realization that I should focus on Medical Qigong (chi gong) as a career right now.  I’ve been planning to go to school (probably Five Branches) and get a Masters Degree in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). I … Continue reading

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A Brave New World

Since the dawn of human history, the population has been growing.  At first it did so exceedingly slowly, with seemingly endless resources at our disposal.  Over the last few centuries population growth has rapidly accelerated.  Many people believe that this … Continue reading

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